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When it rains ... 3.24.2023

Sometimes when it rains, it pours. Sometimes when it rains, it pours even harder. And sometimes it doesn't matter if you have an umbrella or not, you're still getting wet.

Ezri "got the spits" today first thing and then proceeded to continue to struggle all day. There was no comfy spot to be found. There was no television show that was funny enough to distract from the discomfort. There was nothing that would stay down (until Popsicles about a half hour the jury is still out on how successful/stupid that choice will be proven to be!) But as mopey and sad as he was today, Vikki said he kept just repeating over and over how much he just wanted his daddy home. Melted my heart...but I couldn't do anything for a while to assuage his pain, except call and talk to him over lunch. And I reminded him that I was coming soon. And that even though I couldn't take away his pain, I would be there to snuggle him and love him and clean any more vomit and just hold him as tight as I could. But the power to remove the pain and suffering was beyond my control. But Jesus knows. And Jesus is coming back as well. And he actually HAS the power to do something about the struggles and pain and sickness and all the other rain drops that keep falling on our heads. So have hope! And hold on! And remember we serve a risen Savior who holds us not only when we are struggling, but especially when we're struggling. And praise God he does!

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