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Walking Beside - April 19, 2023

When your son goes through the entire line at a covered dish meal and only walks away with two pickles . . . you know he's REALLY missing something! Or, actually, a lot of good somethings!

All of his siblings had abounding mounds of deliciousness but this guy decided the wrong day to be suddenly picky beyond all belief! Of course, as good parents we walked beside him back through the line and made sure to scoop several things we knew he would like, a couple servings that were good for him, and a smidge of something we knew he might not like, but I knew I loved and would ever so willingly eat for him if he didn't like it.

Sometimes we need that help, that someone walking beside us helping us get the stuff we need, not just the stuff we want. We need people who are willing to take time - even when they are hungry or busy - to love us enough to care for the needs we are not willing to even see we have. As Christians we are a body of believers (1 Corinthians 12, Romans 12) that requires cooperation and help, edification, in order for everything to operate properly.

I thank God for all those who have been willing to walk beside me and help me when I was stubborn and not getting the nutrients I needed. Thank you Jesus as well for the grace shown and for the feast of a table you truly have for all who follow you--and thanks for not giving up on me when all I wanted was the tortured cucumbers. (Metaphorically of course, I would never choose a real pickle!)

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