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The People Who Walk Beside - 3.7.2023

There are many ways we learn the things we know.

Sometimes it is experience.

Sometimes persistence.

Sometimes it is survival.

Sometimes we learn by example.

We learn so much better when someone takes the time to walk us through what we need to know because they have been on the very spot we are in before.

Learning is hard.

Learning doesn't stop and is a daily challenge no matter the age, but I am forever grateful for the people who are willingly walking beside me, encouraging me, and taking the time to provide the grace needed that I might be all God's called and created me to be.

Full disclosure: the greatest thing I was taught yesterday was by our eight year old son. Watching Parks take the time to start teaching Maggie piano was something truly beautiful. It didn't matter that he was using the very book he was learning from. It didn't matter she didn't really understand hardly anything he was saying. He wanted her to share the same joy and accomplishment he had when he played. The opportunity and memories were made.

Praise God when that level of love and grace is shown.

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