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Temptation - 3.15.2023

Temptation lurks not only around every corner, but also under every rock! Parks knew better than to play in the puddle (especially after already having mudified and stinkified two other pairs of shoes playing in the creek at the church), but the allure was still great enough to stop him in his tracks and beckon to him. The sirens call was great. And he wasn't alone. Maggie had just walked out past the same pothole and had also stopped to look at it, almost touching the water with the bottom of her shoe, before realizing she shouldn't and moving on to get into the car. And I'm sure Ezri would have been all up in that puddle had he not been holding my hand!

But that's the crazy part about temptation--it isn't just the glittery sins that are enticing. Satan doesn't just try to woo us with fabulous cash prizes, but also with the little disobediences when we know God has better for us or has already told us no. Let us do as Paul encourages us in Romans 12 to "fix our eyes on Jesus" so we don't fall prey to any of the traps Satan has for us - the glittery OR the muddy.

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