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Snowballs - April 6, 2023

"Daddy look! Baby snowballs!" said Larks which roused my curiosity, and as I turned to look at her, I realized she was "making it snow " by ripping apart the Styrofoam packaging of a box she had found. Of course, to make things more interesting, the other half of the infamous "Rascals" gang quickly joined her and soon they were both frolicking in the snow. Sliding in the snow. And, I wouldn't call them snow angels, but she and Ez WERE rolling on the floor in the fun. And of course, the static electricity made it ridiculous for them to try to help clean up. Larks was super sad we had to throw our snowballs away, but I tried to explain that they weren't real snowballs! Of course, sometimes we trick ourselves into thinking things that aren't real are "real enough." I cannot begin to count all the times I settled for less than all God had for me.

May we not settle for less than the real truth that comes from God and his word. See less

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