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Questions - 3.9.2023

Me: "Larks, where did you get that cookie?"

Girl in sunglasses: "Who Larks?"

Notice...she didn't debate that she had a Cookie! She just questioned why I was asking HER!

Everyday at school or church I try to convince young folks to ask questions...and also try to help them discern what ARE the right questions to ask. It is said that Jesus asked 307 questions (according to one guy on the internet) and only answered 113 (according to another guy on the internet...and 52 of them were questioned he had asked himself). Regardless of the numbers, the vital part is spending time in the word so that we can learn from Christ's example. He asked a lot of questions and didn't always give people the answer they wanted to hear, but often beckoned them to deeper waters.

Questions matter. God is big enough for all of our honest questions and asking our friends and family questions with pure motives can lead to God challenging in ways that need to be challenged. Keep searching and praying and reading and asking questions...(Even when you feel certain you know WHO the girl is and WHERE she got the cookie from!)

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