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Personal/Family Thanksgiving Challenge

Thankfulness through the week challenges:

Sunday - Thanking God for the people in church who invested in you (Action: Write a card or make a phone call or intentionally tell them how grateful to God you are for them).

Monday - Thanking God for being such an amazing Creator and for all his Creation (Action: Take five minutes either in nature or not and praise God for his creative majesty).

Tuesday - Thanking God for friends (Action; Make effort to intentionally reach out and say/show gratitude).

Wednesday - Thanking God for his word (Action: Find two verses that talk about being thankful) .

Thursday - Thank God for family - whether they're still present or not and whether they're by blood or not (Action: By word or deed).

Friday - Thank God for your finances and provision (Action: By deciding Today how much tithe and offerings for Sunday and pray if God wants you to bless someone else as well).

Saturday - Thank God for the plans he has for YOU (Action: Spend at least five minutes Thanking God in prayer).

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