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Perks of the Job - 3.31.2023

Perks of the job.

There were a couple helpers who got to lick the beaters after making some whipped cream/no bake cheesecake this evening - although Ezri continued to have trouble with it dripping on his foot (of course, he had a simple solution for that!)

I remember making many an oatmeal whoopie pie or happy valley cake with the anticipation of licking the beaters when I was growing up! Parks on the other hand, wasn't interested in these beaters, but anxiously helped with the making of the mashed potatoes for supper the other night with the SAME motivation. Of course, as a parent now, guess who doesn't get to lick the beaters? Me. But HOPEFULLY I no longer need to volunteer to help only if I am rewarded for helping.

May my heart and hands always be ready to do what needs done - even when the reward isn't present or physical. And may God provide the opportunities to teach my kids to do the same.

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