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Our Tour Guide - 3.21.2023

Today is 3.21 ... which in our community represents the three chromosomes instead of the traditional two that our dear Ez has on the 21st connection point. And every day is a new adventure with most kids, but especially with our Ezri. God leads us but Ezri loves being the tour guide, showing us unique adventures we never expected.

This is a picture from the other day when he found an American flag, decided it was his name tag, found his safari hat and climbed aboard this dinky tractor/jeep and tried desperately to convince me or one of his siblings to get on board in the back (yes, the roughly 32 cubic inch back). He tried desperately to tell us where he was going, but when we couldn't quite understand what he was saying, he called an audible and decided instead to go to "Bubba's house" (aka Grammy and Pappy's).

It is hard for all of us when we can't get out of our mouths the things we truly want to say. And it's hard when we are born atypical. And it's hard when life just isn't quite the same as it is for your other siblings as well as your classmates and friends. But God has tremendous plans for this guy - and has been using him mightily since day one.

As social as I am, Ezri still creates more conversations in grocery stores and on playgrounds and wherever we might be. He has an infectious smile and his greatest desire (beyond noodles!) is to be a helper. Don't get me wrong, it is a daily mixture of challenges we struggled with constantly (not calling his sisters "beans" or "dude" a thousand times a day . . . thanks Bluey!) to new challenges we never saw coming (this morning he stumbled out with his shirt halfway down his body . . . but upside down! The head hole was stuck around his torso and he couldn't find what to do next!).

So if you happen to see Ezri, feel to give him a high five, fist bump, or hug (he's definitely a hugger!) and invest a little more in our Rascal who's gonna change the world as God uses him to change us though him. Oh, and if he offers you a ride, you'd better hang on tight! Cause it's gonna be a ride to remember!

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