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Jump Roping - April 17, 2023

Jump roping!

Now mind you, none of the three are anywhere near skilled at this new, fun adventure, but that for sure isn't stopping them from having fun! I did NOT get a video of Maggie trying to convince Ez to jump when she and Lark were swinging it - but it was going about as high as the Lark and Ez tandem has it going - and Ezri was NOT motivated at all to even attempt it.

The great desire to master this came from two places: opportunity and example. Maggie and Parks each got "one to share with a sibling" in their Easter baskets, and Parks had been learning at school - so he just keeps getting a higher and higher number. The visual of him doing it along with the verbal encouragement has been all the motivation the younger three need to launch head first (sometimes quite literally!) into the new adventure. And they will grow into it. And the best way to get better IS to practice. And hopefully someday when they have to jump rope for a half hour in high school gym class they can look back and smile at how far they've come.

Spiritually we need the same things: opportunities and good examples. May those who are more mature set godly examples and provide opportunities for others to see God's faithfulness, mercy, and love more closely as we point them closer to Jesus.

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