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Investing - 5.4.2023

Last night at Grammy and Pappy's, Lark was trying to show the crowd about how she has taught mommy to snuggle little "Snowdrop" (definitely a reference to Bluey!). It was precious. Vikki was a trooper and did all the steps she had learned from Lark earlier in the day. But the crazy part is here is our youngest, who hasn't witnessed all these things being done to a baby, trying to teach her own mom of four how to hold the baby correctly. The ironic part is that Maggie was the one who taught Lark and Maggie learned from watching Vikki hold Lark that way!!

Yet, because Vikki was willing to "be taught," it gave Lark the opportunity to teach. To inform. To guide. All the while making her feel special and reaffirming the value of helping someone else learn. We learn more by teaching than by any other means. And even as I'm writing this, I am challenged to allow others--students and youth and my own kids--to teach in a safe environment so that they may learn better.

May we keep reevaluating our own methods to help us teach the next generation in the best ways possible. They are the future. And the future is worth investing in.

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