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Humbled - April 24, 2023

We have missed watermelon.

This picture was taken less than five minutes after we walked in the door. Larks especially was enthralled with how juicy and drippy it was...she has no idea the messiness that is to come! These three kiddos each had either four or five pieces and wanted more--but I convinced them to save some for supper.

Praising God we live in a place where we can eat fresh watermelon even as the snow flurries were blowing. And as I marveled and smiled, I couldn't help but remember so many others in so many far flung places around the world as well as around the block who don't have access or abilities to enjoy such goodness.

And I am humbled.

May God continue to provide strength and sustenance for all, and please help me, Lord, to teach my kids these two truths each day: every good and perfect gift comes from God and be grateful for anything and everything God provides. Oh, and help us not to waste the goodness we see given - and find ways to bless others (because it's all God's anyway).

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