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Help Us Lord - 5.3.2023

In the process of moving the canoe, we stopped for a little slide and photo shoot of sailing through the flowers. Maggie informed me politely that canoes were supposed to be on the water, not the flowers...and I agreed, being in the proper place matters. If you look closely on Parks's shirt, you can see small, white sticker residue about chest level. I had tried to take it off for him, but he stopped me and said, "Dad! Don't do that! That's how I know which way to put it on!" Now, this COULD be seen as resourcefulness, except for the fact that this same shirt actually has a hood!!

Psalm 119:105 reminds us “Your word is a lamp to guide My feet and a light for my path." May we allow God's word to be the reference point we need so we don't get turned around and start mistaking flowers for streams and get stranded on the hillside or the front for the back and are blinded. Light up our path Lord! And help us walk there!

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