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Hang On - April 3, 2023

If you feel like letting go, just hang on a little while longer.

It may FEEL like you're the only one. Might feel like you've been dangling longer than others. Might feel unfair because of shorter arms or heavier boots--all of which might be true. You might even have people who you thought care about you floundering close enough to be kicking you with their soccer cleats! (Sometimes the closest can hurt the most, right?)

Whatever the true situation you find yourself dangling in, know that God hears you and cares for you. And is an ever present help in time of trouble (Psalm 46:1) And know that you're not alone. BE the encouragement others need. Be the encouragement you need. Maggie announced yesterday afternoon that she felt like she needed to "encourage someone" so she wrote a couple cards. Vikki helped with the envelope, address, and stamp, but the initiation, motivation, and completion were all due to a little four year old who was prompted by God to DO something. Let that be a challenge for us all.

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