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God's Truth - 3.10.2023

While playing a favorite game of theirs, "family adventures," the fiesties decided to take a trip to the beach. Well, these crazy kids decided if make believe is fun, the more authentic something can be might be even MORE fun. Hence the swimming suits. Alas they were distracted from their quest to convince me yo actually open the pool when they saw a robin trying to do something out the window . . . in the snow. Maybe building a nest? Maybe looking for worms or bugs? Who knows.

The irony was not lost on Vikki and I...and no matter how much they might want to be swimming, our desires don't always match the reality of the outside world we actually live in. And we can play and pretend, but the truth would have not only presented itself quite quickly in the forms of goosebumps or hypothermia, but the truth of the temperature would still be the truth whether or not they told themselves five or five thousand times that "it's warm enough for swimming." Things aren't simply true because we want them to be. God has created and ordained how EVERYTHING fits and works and operates in the system we call "life" or "the real world."

May we cling to God's truth ever more tightly "while evildoers and impostors will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived." (2 Timothy 3:13) The world is a jungle out there--yet God calls for us to be his image bearers and go into all the world and love Jesus and love people and change the world.

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