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Finding Joy - April 25, 2023

When the girls couldn't fall asleep last night, I put them to work separating and folding clothes. Maggie took it upon herself to redo ALL the tee-towels. When Larks asked to help, she said, "Of course! You're my sister! Let me show you something special!" And then demonstrated a new special way to roll them into cinnamon rolls! Larks thought this was a delicious plan and so they began.

Little did they know, there is NO WAY all the towels are going to fit now that they're all rolled "cinnamon roll style." But they had soooo much fun! Good help is a beautiful thing, and smiles and silliness also helps the work go by faster.

May God continue to help us find joy in the work we are called to do, and fellow workers who encourage.

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