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Finding a Way - 3/25/2023

Finding a way can be tricky.

Lark just watched her brother do the monkey bars (with help) then proceeded to drop down onto the ledge she is currently on in the picture, maneuver over to the edge, then throw his leg around the corner and climb up onto the platform. But things aren't quite as easy for Larker - she's not as tall and she doesn't have Ezri's go-go-gadget legs that literally seem to stretch to all angles any any time.

But she IS determined.

She's a fiesty fighter.

And despite the extra baggage she chooses to lug around with her (her affection for backbacks is ridiculous!), wouldn't you know, with a smidge of help of my showing her proper hand placement, she was successful! And on her second go-round, she did it without any help (other than the monkey bars)!

To each of us the trails are different. The challenges are slightly different too. (Or more!) Some of us are more experienced. Some wiser. Some stronger. Some have baggage. There are challenges that some are more equipped to deal with while others simply refuse to give up...even when they fall. Even when they fail. Even when our faith falters and we feel stuck on a ledge..with others watching and no good footing in sight. And while the destination is the goal, it is the path that paves the way for the person to be made stronger. And stronger is nice, but more like Jesus is the true culmination. God doesn't just care about the ending. God cares about the character he desires to be creating and cultivating in each of us as we continue TO that destination. So if you feel a little stuck today, know that God desires to do something inside of you even as you wait. Even as you struggle. Even as you listen for the voice that CAN provide the directions needed to make it to where you need to be. God has plans. BIG plans. Ephesians 2:10, 1 Corinthians 2:9

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