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Faithful in the Watering - 3.28.2023

Beauty growing in the concrete desert.

While walking outside the other day, Larks cried out, "Stop! Daddy! FLOWERS!" And then proceeded to show me these tiny flowers growing between the cracks in the cement. Of course, very soon the weedeater will be "plucking" the flowers, but for the moment that was it truly was a beautiful thing. The flowers were sooo tiny. Beautiful, but super small. But not only did she notice them, she insisted on us going to get some water so they could survive!

It reminded me about a story I heard the other day about a flower growing in the sidewalk. It had no business growing there except there was an air-conditioning unit two stories up that would drip down water on that exact spot where the seed had landed, and, remarkable as it may be, a flower had sprung up from the concrete desert. The person who told me the story said so often he feels that's the way ministry goes...we cast out the seed and pray and hope that God provides the sun and the water and the soil needed for the growth. Because GOD is in the business of changing hearts--and we are simply called to be faithful. Faithful in planting. Faithful in watering when we see seeds growing. And faithful in our praise to God when he does the remarkable and brings beauty from the dark, and barren land that is the world we're living in. So, my friends, keep preparing the soil.

Keep planting. Keep watering the lives that are growing in Christ despite all the odds. And keep praying that God might do the miraculous.

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