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Equipped - 3.13.2023

Hospital time at the Crissman household last night.

We Loved the use of their imaginations . . . from Maggie checking for Parks's pulse to Ezri's broken leg in a cast (note the play-doh box! And he had a story that went with how he was injured as well!) Even to Larks operating on some small child with square that somehow ended up in the medical bin instead of the tool bin. There was even an immaculate delivery - they delivered a baby but didn't know how the baby got out. (Me--"Where did the baby come from Dr. Maggie-Marie?" MM--"Not sure daddy. It just appeared!").

But as great as their bedside manner was, I am even more truly grateful for those folks that actually DO have God-given abilities and training to help when we are sick. Know that God calls us each to different roles and jobs, and whatever God calls us to, he equips us for. God also calls us to be his witnesses in whatever we are...and the Dr's office is a great place to be a minister for Christ--even if you're next in line or waiting with a loved one.

So next time you look over and see some who has their head bandaged from a previous injury get called in to operate on a child with tools that aren't sterilized or even medical, know that God has plans for you in that moment. Seize it and allow God to use you.

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