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Devotion for March 25, 2022 - Isaiah 59:1

Isaiah 59:1

Parks is into paper airplanes. He loves making them, flying them, and, on occasion, rescuing them.

His original plan was to fly them into the spinning fan and see where the fan would redirect them. But when his special one got stuck, the goal changed. Rescue mission was on!

The closest he came to getting it down is the picture above - a glove on the end of a miniature guitar while he stands on the ottoman. Unfortunately, without an actual hand IN THE GLOVE, gloves are not quite as adept to the whole "grabbing" feature. Once he gave up, he came and asked for help and I was able to get it down without any gloves (or musical instruments for that matter!).

Reminded me of Isaiah 59:1 where it says, "Surely the arm of the LORD is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear."

Not sure if you have something special stuck (hopefully not in a fan!) or just in need of God to reach in to where you are, but as the verse says, God's arm is NOT too short and his ears are NOT too dull. May we realize our need, come humbly to God, and may he provide what is needed today.

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