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Devotion for July 18, 2022 - Remembering

Maggie and Ez decided the floating balls are overrated...there is a better use for the wind things at Idlewild! It was the highlight of the day for them. And I admit, remembering how it felt to have the wind blowing across my face, through my hair, pushing back against my arms and chest as I ran home from church growing up is still one of my most vivid memories. (And let me tell you...wind blowing though your beard . . instead of your hair . . . NOT the same.)

Memories are tricky things. Sometimes we have memories we do not want. Other times we strive desperately to hold on to the moments that simply slip away as time marches on.

Deuteronomy 32:7 says "Remember the days of old; consider the years of many generations; ask your father, and he will show you, your elders, and they will tell you." These words were written to remind the people who had just been rescued from 400 years of slavery...out of Egypt...after watching all the plagues and God's provision. Even with all those seemingly unforgettable events, God knew how we sometimes struggle with remembering.

May God help us remember who God is, how he has helped us, and what he has saved us from. May we never forget how amazing grace was shown to us. (And let us live differently because of it).

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