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Devotion for 3.15.22 - Willingness


Lark was devastated that mommy and daddy were too busy to help her boots on (especially since we weren't going outside!). Alas, Ezri was dead set that HE was her older brother and HE would come to her rescue. Of course, he does not have the capability of tying his own shoes, but he knew he was willing to help and that's all that mattered. Of course, the actual ability to tie shoes was needed, but HIS enthusiasm drew attention to the need and finally Vikki and I broke down and helped her.

It reminded me of the story Erwin McManus tells about a trip to the beach with his son when they saw someone disabled at the beach . . . struggling to get up out of the sand. Erwin tried to shield his son from the issue, but the son had already seen and desperately wanted to help. The son couldn't, but his attention to the problem brought others who WERE able to help.

So often we fail to do anything because we feel we can't do everything. Yet God does not always call us to DO the stuff, as much as to be WILLING to see how God might use us. Isaiah 1:19, "If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land;"

May we continue to be willing . . . with big and small things, and see what all God does!

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