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Better Than a Milkshake - 5.1.2023

Larkspur loved her vanilla ice cream, but the spoon was costing her too much ice cream lost to the drips. So she retired the spoon and came up with a new idea: DRINK the ice cream! I told Lark that she Had ice cream, but now she has a milkshake! She was sooo excited! Ice cream AND a milkshake on the same night! She also admitted she liked the milkshake better, which made me chuckle.

If the plan you've been doing isn't working any more, it's time for a new plan. I am so often challenged by the quote, "If the river changes its flow beneath the bridge--expanding beyond its former shores, we must reevaluate the purpose of the thing we used to call a bridge." In other words, if the way we've been doing things in the past isn't working now, maybe it's time to try something new. Charles Stanley said, "His voice leads us not into timid discipleship but into bold witness."

May we be willing to find new ways to share the sacred old truths of God's word and show how God still meets us where we are. God continues to use us to greet and meet and minister to people in new and different ways daily. And what we have is even better than a milkshake!

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